One of the most influential bands of the experimental, industrial and postpunk scenes of all times. Established in 1973 in Sheffield, they went ahead of their times alongside Throbbing Gristle, Clock DVA and Human League and moved forward the frontiers of both dance music and full blooded experimentation. The current captain and founding member Richard H. Kirk keeps on composing music in Sheffield up to this date and resists the desire to approach the band as a nostalgia act. In return Cabaret Voltaire are as relevant as they have ever been.

DANIEL MILLER • Mute / London

Earned himself a place in history as founder of the London based label Mute. Established in 1978 with the release of a seven-inch record of Miller´s own The Normal, now one of the world´s most respected outlets for experimental music with such acts as Arca, Carter Tutti Void and New Order under Daniel Miller´s observant eye. He has been silent as a DJ for a number of years, but after a show at Berlin´s legendary Berghain venue started playing again and his pulsating techno sets drew crowds wild at both Sonar and Electron festivals.


Hunter Husar and Josh Johannpeter started in a now defunct band Mahjongg, the Chicago based musicians are now performing as Hujo. You can find traces of both Cabaret Voltaire's analogue sound and Chicago juke and house in their compositions. The uncompromising nature of their take on dance music is especially striking when performed live. Drums, synthesizers, exotica!


Fiordmoss took their first steps at Brno´s Academy of Music and Performing Arts, then moved on to become one of the most closely watched Czech bands. Having picked the very first Vinyla Award, they have always stressed that visual accompaniment is crucial for them. Originally an electro folk duo, the band has become a four piece and moved to Berlin, where they have been putting together their highly anticipated LP, which will follow several successful atmospheric EPs.